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Sister Shirley Holmes Sulton Phd, has been a community leader since the early 60's. She has earned various degrees and has opened schools, after school programs, food pantry's and the list goes on. Since the gentrification of her property on 125th Street, Sister Shirley has ran the services from her humble home in the Bronx, NY. To date she continues to reach the people and youth at the school high school and middle school where she teaches during the week from 8 am to 3:30 p.m. Mon -fri. After she leaves work she does community outreach in various ways.

Dr. Shirley Holmes-Sulton, PhD, a retired teacher from the Board of Education in New York City, received her Bachelor’s Degree from the College of New Rochelle and Master’s from Staten Island University. Dr. Sulton has also studied extensively at Alliance Theological Seminary. She recently got her PhD in Early Childhood Education at Corllins University, and is currently the Pastor at Samuel’s Temple Church of God In Christ Deliverance, in Harlem, USA Dr. Sulton is a native of the South, coming to New York City from Alabama at the age of 16, in 1957. She is the oldest of four children and also the mother of four – Tamar, Timothy, Terry and Tyrone Holmes – grandmother and great grandmother. She opened a Christian school, the BLS Multi-Cultural Christian Academy, in the South Bronx, in September 2006, named after her late husband, Bishop Leon Sulton. She has given her all to this ministry of educating young minds to develop into worthy young people in today’s society. Dr. Sulton attributes most of her ingenuity to the brilliance of her mother, Mississippian Minnie Lee Martin. Ms. Martin holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology as well.

New York, NY – The Angels of Harlem is proud to announce that Harlem’s own Sister Shirley ‘The Mother Teresa of Harlem’ is expanding her community services and programs into the Bronx by acquiring a Development site to build the first ever Angels of Harlem Community Center in the South Bronx.

The Angels of Harlem is the Community Outreach & Services Arm of Sister Shirley the Senior Pastor of Samuel’s Temple Church operating and serving in Harlem over the last 50 years who has now acquired a new Development site in the South Bronx to continue her work in the Greater NYC Community.

The team has just launched a capital fundraising campaign and radio promotional drive on WBLS FM, WLIB, CBS1010 WINS to garner support and ask the community members, corporations, and sponsors for help and to assist, donate, and volunteer on this historic project to help improve the lives of New York City families, children, young people, and the community at large.

The goal is to raise the $4M to complete the construction costs and operations of this great facility that will offer many services including food pantry to feed the hungry, preventive health screenings and education, after school tutoring and computer labs with coding classes, life-skills and financial literacy programs, GED High School Diploma courses, Job preparation, training, and career development, digital multi-media classes, referrals for battered women shelter and their children, and be a light and catalyst to drive community socio-economic development programs and services in the area and more. Donations can be made at Official Website http://AngelsOfHarlem.Org or on Go Fund Me at .

Harlem has been the mecca of the African-American and Spanish Harlem communities of culture, art, music, literature, education, film, civil rights, and history for generations. As Harlem is experiencing many social and economic changes the Angels of Harlem is stepping up to meet the new challenges required of serving the families, children, youth, and seniors, health, education and welfare needs of the community at large in this rapidly changing 21st century in the greater New York City area with a state of the art new construction facility.

We have had several building plans developed, and have decided on one in particular. The plans we have displayed will house five floors of non-profit space and serve the Harlem and Bronx communities. The new building will house a location for medical services, after school facilities and of course the community center along with various social service departments. The construction is estimated to be completed within two years from commencement.


Angels of Harlem’s mission is to help Sister Shirley ‘The Mother Teresa of Harlem’ house various community programs and services in a new location. We provide food, shelter, education, after school programs, anti-gun campaigns & gang violence programs, tutoring classes, medical screenings and more. We now will be able to house all of these services in one convenient location in the Bronx, to better serve our Harlem and Bronx communities.

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